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Faubourg contract manufactures beer for companies located throughout the Gulf Coast region from Texas to the Carolinas. We work closely with our clients to manufacture the highest quality beer possible seeking opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiency in everything we do. Contracting clients will find the Faubourg onboarding process simple and professional. Our clients are always welcome at the facility without a prior appointment.

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Access to Three Brewhouses

80,000 bbls/yr. Capacity
beer pouring from tap


The Gulf-South's top QA lab.

Anton Paar-equipped QA/QC
18 wheeler truck

Supply Chain Management

Bespoke solutions.

From Ingredient sourcing to Transport


Faubourg Brewery supports clients large and small. We help new brands pilot and scale up to launch, and we also partner with established industry players seeking additional capacity and growth in the region.

► 85,000 Square Feet
► Commissioned in 2019
► Under One Roof: Production, QC, Packaging & Warehousing
► Contract Brewer for Wide Variety of Beer Styles and Specs
► Scalable to Brands Large and Small

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Keep transportation costs low with optimal hub servicing entire Gulf-South region. Over 60 Million people (~20% of US pop) live within 500 miles of New Orleans:

► 250 miles to Florida
► 330 miles to Birmingham
► 350 miles to Houston
► 450 miles to Atlanta
► 500 miles to Dallas

Brewery is located on Interstate I-10 artery at mid-point from Texas to Florida.



Our flexibility is unmatched. Our contracting clients gain access to three different brewhouses to support everything from small pilots to mass production.

► 100-bbl, 4-vessel System
► 15-bbl, 2-vessel System
► 2-bbl, Pilot System
► 80,000 bbls/yr. Brewing Capacity
► Fermentation Vessels: (21) 200 bbls
► Bright Beer Tanks: (2) 300 bbls
► Bulk Tote Grain Unloading

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Water systems precision is a key factor in delivering consistent quality beer. Our water capabilities set Faubourg apart from other facilities.

► Brewhouses Plumbed with Full-RO Water
► Alfa Laval Deaerated Water Column for Volume Expansion CFT/COMAC-equipped Packaging Lines.
► Can match any water profile
► Can scale or flavor match recipes from other facilities

QA with microscope


The Gulf-South region’s top Quality Assurance lab.

► Anton Paar-equipped QA/QC
► Rapid PCR Testing
► UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
► Alfa Laval Flash Pasteurizer
► Anton Paar Alcolyzer/DMA
► Anton Paar CboxQC
► In-house Testing of Carbs and Calories
► IBU, Color, Clarity, TPO, CO2, Protein
► Full-micro Program including Plating and Acid Detection

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Our lines deliver efficiency and quality control across a range of pack sizes and formats including various corrugated tray and mother carton configurations.

► CFT/COMAC-equipped Packaging Lines
► Automated Depalletizer/Palletizer
► Package Warming Capabilities (no sweating in cases!)
► Cans: 12,16,19.2oz
► Bottles: 12oz Longneck

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We create bespoke solutions to support our clients as required for:

► Ingredient Sourcing
► Packaging
► Best-in-class Pricing
► Storage & Warehousing
► Logistics & Transport

Interested in having consistent batches brewed for your customers? Please contact our Director of Brewery Operation, Dan Griffin at Dan.Griffin@faubourgbrewery.com or fill out our form below and we will be in touch as quickly as we can. Cheers!

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