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Faubourg Brewing Company is located in New Orleans, LA. The company was founded in 1907 as Dixie Brewing Co. and moved into its new location at 3501 Jourdan Road in January 2020. Faubourg contract manufactures beer for companies located throughout the Gulf Coast region from Texas to the Carolinas. We work closely with our clients to manufacture the highest quality beer possible seeking opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiency in everything we do. Contracting clients will find the Faubourg onboarding process simple and professional. Our clients are always welcome at the facility without a prior appointment.

Beer Production


Faubourg Brewery lies just outside the heart of New Orleans proper at the intersection of Interstate I-10 and the Industrial Canal. The brewery is situated in a 275,000 square foot building on 15-acres of land. Currently Faubourg is leasing 85,000 square feet for production, warehouse, and retail operations. Faubourg’s location is equidistant from Houston, TX, Tallahassee, FL and Birmingham, AL with significant rail and road freight passing through the city along I-10. Faubourg has four covered loading docks with significant inside and outside storage available for clients (including dunnage reverse logistics).


The brewing operations include three brewhouses (100-bbl, 4-vessel Huppman), (15-bbl, 2-vessel innovation) and a 2-bbl pilot system.

  • Brew house: Automated four vessel, 100-barrel Huppman system.
  • Production Capacity: 80,000 bbls/yr. depending upon product mix
  • Fermentation Vessels: (21) 200 bbl
  • Bright Beer Tanks: (2) 300 bbls, (1) 60 bbl
  • Bulk Malt and super sack capabilities
  • Specialty Malt: Storage space to inventory a wide range of specialty malts
  • Malt Mill: Kunzel 4 roller Mill with 2 addressable roller gap settings
  • External bulk transfer system: Capability of transferring or receiving bulk wort or finished beer
  • Filtration: One (1) Alfa Laval Brew 250 separator centrifuges
  • Carbonator-Blender: Alfa Laval carbonator-blender system
  • Flash pasteurizer: Alfa Laval in-line flash pasteurizer for stabilization of product prior to packaging
  • RO/DI water system
  • High gravity expansion with deaerated water


Lager Packaging
  • High speed can and bottling lines
  • 155 cpm (12oz); 130 cpm (16oz);
  • 6-pack bottle
  • 6-pack can (hi-cone or cardboard box)
  • 12-pack can
  • 24-pack can ‘suitcase’
  • Comac kegging equipment
  • Climate controlled cold storage capabilities


Quality Control
  • Alcohol by volume and weight testing
  • Real Degree of Fermentation testing
  • Extract values testing
  • Calorie testing
  • pH testing
  • Dissolved Oxygen testing
  • Carbonation testing
  • Color testing
  • IBU testing
  • Gravity testing
  • Yeast Viability testing
  • Microbiological testing (qPCR, LMDA and Wort selective media)


Fork Lift

Our brewing, purchasing and warehousing teams can provide a bespoke solution for your contracting needs. Depending upon volumes and ingredient mix, Faubourg may be able to provide ingredient sourcing with best in class pricing. Four docks and ample warehouse space enable Faubourg to offer clients scale and storage for their material and product purchases. Reach out us at the form below to learn more about how Faubourg Brewing can help your business today.

We take pride in offering the best quality products and relationships with all of our contract partners. If you are interested in having consistent batches brewed for your customers, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch as quickly as we can. Cheers!

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