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Our Mission

We are the oldest operating neighborhood brewery in New Orleans on a mission to bring people together and let the good times roll! Our passion is for making world-class beers in the good-living capital of America. Our everyday commitment to quality is rooted in the power that consistent, high-quality local products become timeless compliments of our best memories.

Our state of the art brewery is both a one-of-a-kind destination and a platform for creating sustainable economic opportunities across the neighborhoods of New Orleans.

A city like ours has a resiliency and contagious optimism that never stops – and neither will our quest to be a driving force for good in our community.

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Our Actions

We believe that Faubourg products have the capability to bring people together to create positive change in our community. This belief isn’t just a philosophy – it starts with the actions we take every day at the brewery:

  • Community Support: $1 from every pint of Faubourg Lager poured from our flagship brewhouse is a contribution to our community that we make via our community partners. Equally important is our commitment to invest time, know-how, and mentorship capabilities to create the next generation of service-industry leaders.
  • Fair Wages, Labor Practices and Safety: We are committed to our colleagues and guarantee a living-wage compensation plan to both full-time and part-time employees. We work proactively with local agencies and safety experts to ensure our production operations minimize accident occurrences and provide our employees with a safe working environment for every shift.
  • Responsible Use of Resources in our Community: Our brewery is designed to minimize water waste, capture and neutralize solids and liquids prior to releasing from our property, and minimize unnecessary electrical usage with state of the art lighting and HVAC units. With our partner, Richard’s Rainwater, the nation’s leader in capturing and bottling pure rainwater, we opened the world’s largest potable rainwater collection site in January of 2023. The collaboration has created Louisiana’s first-ever rain capture facility for drinking water, and is expected to collect more than 2 million gallons of water each year, providing consumers with the cleanest, best-tasting, and most renewable drinking water on the planet.

Our Faubourg

New Orleans East is our home. We are committed to a long-term partnership with our community leaders, elected officials, neighbors, and fellow business operators. We recognize that investment in our community has not kept pace with the Greater New Orleans area for too long. Developing a talented local work force, creating jobs to attract additional business investment, and lending leadership support for local infrastructure, security, and training programs are our top priorities. We see the tremendous potential of this community to reclaim its commercial advantages both along the industrial canal and throughout the largest business opportunity zone in the southeast US. Now is the time.

Join Us

The Faubourg team is united in our commitment to New Orleans East and to all of our customers, vendors, and supplier partners. Our community actions are intended to inspire others. We can’t do it alone – follow us, join us, and share your feedback on how we can continue to make our community more inclusive, inviting, and an economic engine for positive community change.

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